David's Devotionals
At Houston Interiors we begin every monthly meeting with a devotional brought by one of our team members.
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January 2021 - “God is in Control”- Dustin Ferguson
February 2021 - “How to Pray & Prayer Tips”- Dustin Ferguson
March 2021 - “Living in Exile”- Sean Johnson
April 2021 - “Endurance”- Sean Johnson
May 2021 - “Walking in Obedience”- Sean Johnson
June 2021 - “Hope”- Molly Reynolds
July 2021 - “True Intimacy”- David Maniscalco
September 2021 - “Doing Life Together”- David Maniscalco
October 2021 - “Overcoming Fear”- David Maniscalco
November 2021 - “Potential”- Sean Johnson